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Studio greeting cards find their roots in the years following WWII, when some independent artists struck out on their own and tapped into the youth market with their off-beat humor.
Characterized by cutting often sarcastic humor and fabulous illustrations; you can usually tell if you're reading a studio card because you're laughing...and, frequently, you can hear a faint rim-shot in your head....Bum dum chssss! With their entertaining verses and  unorthodox illustrations, studio cards grabbed the attention of college kids and sales and the new genre took off! 
Indeed, at one point, many lunch hours were filled standing around studio card racks and catching the latest jokes.
 Studio cards are known for their tall, narrow design, famously reported to have been chosen because the #10 business envelope was the least expensive,however,the cards were actually produced in various shapes~the humor and the cartooning being telltale signs. 

According to Dean Norman, in his book, Studio Cards- Funny Greeting Cards and People Who Created Them
"The number of companies ranged from 
a handful in the late 1940s 
to over 125 companies producing 
everyday studio cards
 in the 1960s." 
HERE is an incomplete list of approx 200 publishers, with sources dating up to 1984.
This blog has been created as a "sister site" to the original VINTAGERECYCLING greeting card collecting blog, in order to feature the many, many examples of studio cards from my collection, as well as, any information I collect along the way.  
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