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a list in progress:

Affectionately Yours Greetings
Alkor Sales Co.
All in Fun, Inc.
Allied Greeting Cards Inc.
Amberly Greeting Card Co.
American Greeting Corp.Forget Me Not "Jesters"
American publishing Corp.
Arcadia Greeting Card Co.
Arnold Goldman Enterprises
Artistic Greetings Inc.
B.A. Chestney
Balladetta Cards
Barker Greeting Card Co.
B & B Dist. Co.
Beaucard Publishing Co.
Bergo-Marvin Inc.
Bernad Creations Ltd.
Box Cards ~Bill Box
Bradlee Publishers
Braunstein's Card Co.
Bresillo's Inc.
Buzza-Cardozo Greeting Card Co.
C.M. Paula Co,
The Carousel Greeting Cards Inc.
CCC Inc.
Cardel "Cerami-Cards" Hyde NY
Cardstone Greetings Inc.
Carrol (Carol) Cards
Central Card Co.
Charley's Chuckle Cards, Vancouver Canada
Charmcraft Publishers Inc.
Cincinnati Card Co.
Citation Cards Inc.~"Xavier Cugat"
Clark Sales
Cookcoo Designs
Coolidge Cards
Country Cousin
Crestwick Inc.
Crystal Greetings Inc.
Curtis Circulation Co."Curtis Contemporary" (Siamese cat logo )
Custom Card Co.~Custom "Every Card Wild"
Custom-House Card Co. 
D. Forer & Co.
Dave Packard Studio Inc. 
Del Norte Inc. 
Deluxe Greeting Card Co. 
De Mael
Designer Greetings Inc.
Dexter Press Inc. 
Dolphin Designs
Drawing Board Greeting Cards "Wit's End" & "Just Kiddin'"
Dubl' Take Greetings
Finger Prints
Editions Limited 
Edna Markoe Inc.
Encores Inc. -Williamsburg div
E-Z Card Service
F/S Distributors
Finger Prints
Flair Cards Inc.
4 Season Cards
Fran Mar Greeting Cards Ltd.
Friendly Card Co. inc.
Friendly Greetings
Funco Sales 
Gallant Greetings Corp. "Can Can" 
Gallant Gi-Gi
Ganeles Hebrew Cards
Gibson Art Co.
Gibson Greeting Cards, Inc."Funshine"
Grant Publishing Corp.
Gulf Coast Card Co.
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Hand Print Cards Inc.
Happiness Inc. 
Harrison Publishing Co. 
Hart Vance Company
Harvest Greeting Card Co. 
Hebrew Publishing Co.
Hinz Publishing Co.
Holiday Publishing Co. Inc.
Houze Glass Corp
House of Cards
House of Oz Inc.
HooHah Studios 
IMP Press 
Inkweed Studios
International Greetings Co.~The Jolly Roger Buccaneer 
Irene & George Arndt
J & D Distributors
J.S. Schilling Co. Inc.
Jacob Liberman
Jane Jarvis Co.
John M. Towle Co.
Jones Nelson Publishers
Kahnay Enterprises
Kard Kraft
Katydid Cards
Keep 'n Touch Greeting Cards Inc.
Kelley Galleries
Keystone Publishing Co. Inc.
Klein's Card Lines
Krazy Kards
La Com & Associates
Laff Masters Studios Inc.
Laf-Mor Studios Inc.
Langton Creations Inc.
Lerner Industries Inc.
M & T  Sales Co.
Mantice Greetings Inc.
Margit Cards
Marhil Art Studio Co.
Marjo Pres, The
Mark 1 Inc. 
Metropolitan Greetings Inc.
Mexicard Greeting Cards
Middaugh Printers
Millner Card Co.
Millner Cards Inc.
Moderne Card Co. Inc.
Mr. B Greeting Card Co
Mudnest Originals
Murab Co.
Muriel Greeting Cards
Nationwide Greeting Cards
New England Art Publishers 
Nile Running Studio Inc.
Norman Brenner
Novo Laugh
Nile Running Studio
Norse Co.
"From the Omnibus Collection" printed USA
Onyx Enterprises Inc.
Oz Corporation
Palmer Card & Gift Shop
Pamela Paul Designs
Panda Prints~Rosalind Welcher
Paramount Line Inc.
Pasadena Prints
PAT Prints, Springfield MO: shamrock logo
Paul MacWaugh Associates
Peppermint Stick Inc., Chicago Ill
Perita Handprints
Philip Stahl 
Photo Laff Cards
Plaza Studios
Pleasant Thoughts Greeting Cards 
Plum Line Cards, Sunset Strip, LA, CA
Printed Products Co.
Ransier Studio Cards
Red Farm Studio Inc.
Red Stable Studio
Reed Starline Card Co.
Regal  Greeting Card Co. 
Regency Prod Co
Reyton Card Co. 
Rex Handprints
Richman Sales Co.
Roger Alan Ltd. "Laughin' Hearts Studio"
Roger H. Roseland & Co.
Roth Greeting Cards
Rust Craft Greeting Cards Inc.
S. J. Ruedenauer
S.L. tokes Inc. 
Saya Studio
Servo Sales Co.
Sherman Originals
Sholom Greeting Card Co. Inc.
Shosha Cards
Soriano Greetings
Southtex Distributors
Sterling Greetings Inc.
Stewart Sales Co. 
Studio Design (artist pallet logo)
Studio 66 ltd. 
Success Greeting Card Co. Inc. 
Sue & Larry Cards
Sunshine Sales
Sunshine Cards "Fun for All" & "Just for Laughs"
Tanylor Greeting Cards
Tater Bug USA
Tessier Studio
Three B's Ltd
Treasure Greetings 
Tri-Way Publications
Troubador Press
United Card Co.~Smile Contemporaries & Custom Contemporaries Lloyd Rognan ~ Rolling Meadows, Illinois
United sales Co.
Vagabond Creations
Variety Distributors
Vasari Inc.
Vaughn Cards of California
Wapiti Prints
Whit Sales Co.
Williamsburg Publishing Co.
Willowood Cards
Winco Distributors
Wish Greeting Cards Inc. 
Workshop Cards Corp
Yankee Artists Inc.
Yols Card Co. 

source notes: this list is based on two lists, combined, which were originally compiled by Dean Norman, published in Studio Cards-Funny Greeting Cards and People Who Made Them. Dean listed the sources of his lists as Gift & Art Buyers Directory 1955/56, The Romance of Greeting Cards, Dudley Chase 1956, Greeting Card Magazine 1968. I have added to this list based on my research, cards from my collection, newspaper articles, salesman & card dealer ephemera, Artists & Writers Market List-Greeting Card Association, 1984 and advertising resources. If you have any to add please send me a message with the info!

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